About Brenda Piquette


Continual Threshold was founded by Brenda Piquette, a communications consultant, writer, self healing facilitator and regular person. 


For 20 years, I worked on my personal development using my 4-Step Process for Personal Growth, a strategy I developed based on Kolb’s 4-step learning cycle.
While I was a hardline skeptic a la Bertrand Russell, out of curiosity in 2008 I attended a Healing Touch Level 1 workshop — a non-denominational, relaxing, energy therapy that uses gentle touch to balance the entire being. I was so surprised and impressed with the results that I went on to complete all five levels of this holistic training. 


I also attended Level 1 of Intuitive Mind (with Catherine Awai), Vicki Slater’s Physics for Spiritual Healing & Healers I and II, and Sue Hovland’s Anatomy for Healers (Level 1).
As I honed my holistic healing skills, I began to create my own visualizations and tools that were quick and easy to use and that could be adapted to my ever-changing needs. I refined these strategies to cope with day-to-day work and life challenges and to manage anxiety and depression. These techniques also worked wonders to prevent daily stress and to eliminate stress that had accumulated over many years. 


After more than 25 years of criticizing my body, I also developed tools to build a strong, positive relationship with my BFF — my Body Friend Forever.


I discovered that a dedicated, daily practice of using my 4-Step Process for Personal Growth, my easy visualizations and my practical tools to build a relationship with my BFF helped me to grow as a person by leaps and bounds in a span of a few years. But the change was slow enough, a little bit every day, to allow me to adjust as I grew stronger and more resilient.
Today, I am a new person, calmer, more balanced, more confident, and more connected to my self and to the world around me.  


It's not because of a miracle. It's due to persistence and to daily effort and strategies that work for regular people with busy lives. A little bit of healing every day that adds up to big change over time.


I look forward to sharing what I've learned with you.