The practical, compassionate healing tools on this website are complementary to all the other tools in your healing toolbox. They are not meant to replace conventional healthcare.

I studied Healing Touch and other healing approaches, but these didn't offer everything I needed. So, I developed quick healing visualizations and other techniques that were easy for me to practice every day, in the moment, no matter how busy I was. 


The techniques were self-directed - I was in the driver's seat. I decided when and how to do them, and I adapted them to fit my needs in that moment.


I was also researching the process of growth and discovering insights in astrophysics,  mythology, religion, cosmology and particle physics.


After years of patiently and persistently using my techniques and many instances of facing my darkness, I keep witnessing life-changing healing and personal growth. Many small moments of daily healing and growth that add up to big change over time. 


Today, I’m calmer, healthier, more compassionate, more confident and more resilient. I've moved forward with my life and I keep working at growing and learning. I understand more and more about the process of growth of all systems at all levels of existence.

I'm Brenda Piquette, a marketing and communications consultant, writer and self healing facilitator. When I was struggling with work and being a mom as well as with anxiety and depression, I decided enough is enough.


I wanted practical tools that I could use anytime, when I needed them. I wanted to heal. And I wanted to become the best person that I could be.

I offer information about the process of growth and self-directed healing strategies and tools that:


  • are PRACTICAL - quick and easy, they can be used anytime, anywhere.


  • are ADAPTABLE - change them to fit your needs and your beliefs.


  • are COMPASSIONATE - they focus on kindness and loving yourself as you are and others as they are.

Now, I share what I've learned with others who are driven to heal and to grow and to move on with their life... and do it their way. 


Brenda Piquette