The practical, compassionate healing tools on this website are complementary to all the other tools in your healing toolbox. They are not meant to replace conventional healthcare.

It takes a community to heal and to grow...

My community gives so much to me and is an important factor in shaping the person I am. I am happy to give back by offering holistic healing to those who are ready to receive it in that moment.


Co-Chair (Volunteer)

Healing Together: Healing Touch Association of Canada Conference

April 2015  |  Nanaimo, BC


We hosted 120 participants from all over Canada and offered four presentations and 12 workshops.











Free Mini Energy Healings and Workshops

Nanaimo Women's Centre - free healings for NWC clients, volunteers and staff 

Seniors Connect/Nanaimo Women's Centre - free healing workshops for seniors, staff and volunteers

2015-2017  |  Nanaimo, BC


Mini Holistic Healings - Free or by Donation for the CMHA

Annual Wine, Women & Chocolate Fundraiser for the Canadian Mental Health Association - Mid-Island Branch

2010-2015  |  Nanaimo, BC


Free Mini Holistic Healing Sessions

PARK(ing) Day Event

September 2015  |  Nanaimo, BC


Partnered with Julie Romanyshyn

of Garden Gate Holistics 

and Carol Keane









Free Holistic Healings

Nanaimo Brain Injury Society

2014  |  Nanaimo, BC


Free Holistic Healings

I offer free healings on a regular basis to people, animals, and places all over the globe when it is needed (disasters, tragedy, suffering). Always if they are willing to accept it and for their highest good. Anyone can do this -- no training required, only an open heart.


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