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    Practical Tools to Help You Cross Life's Continual Threshold

    Practical Tools for

                 Compassionate Self-Directed Healing


    The practical, compassionate healing tools on this website are complementary to all the other tools in your healing toolbox. They are not meant to replace conventional healthcare.

    Explore the science and spirit of growth

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    Continual Transformation identifies and explores the process of growth in all systems in both science and spirit: cells, people, communities, mythologies, rituals, ecosystems, galaxies, our universe and the multiverse. 


    Life - Death - Transformation - Rebirth

    The process of growth involves the endless cycling of the information of life through death, transformation and rebirth. The continual transformation of information creates continual tension that, in turn, creates continual movement and flow. Information does not stand still.

    Particle Physics - Astrophysics - Mythology

    This exploration of the process of growth covers particle physics, astrophysics and mythology. Please note that I am neither a professional nor an academic in these subjects, merely a writer and researcher who's had an insatiable appetite for science, spirit and the process of growth for 25 years.


    Workshops & Presentations

    Minimum of two hours. An overview of the process of growth is offered and a visualization is conducted that increases the flow of information in your body.