Continual Transformation:

How Everything Grows explores the science and spirit of the process of growth.

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Continual Transformation identifies and explores patterns in the realms of science and spirit that relate to the process of growth for all systems: cells, people, communities, ecosystems, cultures, galaxies, our universe and all other systems. 


The process of growth includes the endless cycling of the information of life through death, transformation and rebirth. The continual transformation of information creates continual tension that, in turn, creates continual movement and flow.


This exploration of the process of growth covers physics, astrophysics, culture and mythology. For workshops, a visualization is conducted that uses the process of growth to remove blockages and to increase the flow of information in the body's chakras/energy centres.


I am not a professional or academic, merely a person who has had an insatiable appetite for the root of spirit, science and the process of growth for the past 25 years.

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