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    Practical Tools to Help You Cross Life's Continual Threshold


    The practical, compassionate healing tools on this website are complementary to all the other tools in your healing toolbox. They are not meant to replace conventional healthcare.

    The Line of Calm

    The Line of Calm fills your entire being with calm from the beginning of your time to the end of your time, whatever the beginning and the end mean to you.








    This easy visualization was the first that I developed and that I still use almost every day. The Line of Calm has also been incorporated into many of my other visualizations.


    The beauty of the Line of Calm is that it’s super fast, easy and versatile. It can be done in seconds anytime, anywhere. And, it can easily be adapted for your needs in that moment.


    The more you use the Line of Calm, the faster your body reacts to it and the more impact it has.


    How to Create Your Line of Calm

    1. Your eyes can be open or closed. In front of you, imagine a straight, horizontal line; that is your Line of Calm. You can make the line white or green or any colour you find calming.


    2. Extend your Line of Calm to the left, all the way to infinity, as you say silently: “Calm, to the beginning of my time.


    You can turn your head to the left to follow the line, if it’s easier. Focus on that straight line for a moment.

    3. Extend your Line of Calm to the right, all the way to infinity, as you say silently: “Calm, to the end of my time.


    You can turn your head to the right to follow the line, if it’s easier. Focus on that straight line for a moment.
    4. Say silently: "I am calm." Focus on your entire Line of Calm until it is straight and smooth. Let the calm spread to your entire being.

    Once you’ve practiced it a few times, take a moment to notice how your Line of Calm feels. Your goal is a Line of Calm that feels straight, quiet and calm throughout.


    Adaptations for the Line of Calm


    All Time 

    If you are not comfortable with or do not believe in beginnings and endings, instead you can use "all time." Extend your Line of Calm all the way to the left and to the right, then focus on the entire line and say, "I am calm in all time."


    Line of (fill in the blank)

    The Line of Calm is a holistic technique that can be used for more than calm. If you are frustrated or angry and in need of more patience, replace the word "calm" in the instructions above with the word "patience." For example, "Patience, to the end of my time."


    If you are in need of courage, replace "calm" with "courage." You can adapt the Line of Calm to receive anything you need in that moment. My approach to healing has no rules.