Love Your BFF

Interact on a Daily Basis with Your BFF —
Your Body Friend Forever


Your BFF is the most important relationship you will ever have.

Your body is your lifelong friend; you do absolutely everything together every second of every day.


Studies have shown that giving love, attention and compassion benefit both the receiver AND the giver. Imagine the double impact you can have by offering your body daily doses of love, attention, compassion, interaction and bonding.


Take a few seconds every day, no matter where you are, to build an attentive, compassionate relationship with your body. 


  • Silently tell your body you love it. You can tell your entire body that you love it and you can tell every part of your body that you love it.


  • Silently tell your body you are grateful for everything it does for you. It is the most complex organism on the planet and it works hard every second of every day for you!
BFF love massage
  • Acknowledge any pain or discomfort your body has and apologize for anything you might have done to cause it (even if you don't know what that may be).


  • When you exhale, send your breath into your body. If you have pain or discomfort, send the breath to that part of your body. Repeat many times as you silently tell your body you love it.
  • Ask your body if you can do anything to help it. Wait a few seconds to see if an image, memory or words appear in your mind; this can also happen later on. Even if nothing appears, you have greatly helped your body just by acknowledging its pain and by listening.