Open Your Heart

Opening your heart is the most powerful action you can ever take.

When your heart is open, your entire being is more open, calmer and more compassionate. When your heart is closed, your chest might feel tighter and heavier, and everything may seem harder and more stressful.

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Practice opening your heart every day, many times a day for the simplest, most powerful, holistic healing you will ever receive that helps your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels!


How to Open Your Heart

Your heart chakra or heart energy centre is in the middle of your chest and corresponds to the colour or light frequency green. 

1. Imagine a small, green circle in front of you in the middle of your chest. Visualize that small, green circle growing and opening.


It’s helpful to stand straight and to relax your shoulders. 

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2. Allow the green circle to grow until it encompasses your entire body and being.

Say silently, “I am loved unconditionally. I love unconditionally.”


Focus on this loving light all around you for a few seconds or as long as you like. 

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