Small Scale, Daily Healing

Small Scale, Daily Healing™  involves integrating quick and easy strategies into your daily activities to heal and to grow a little bit every day, your way.


Small Scale, Daily Healing™ was developed by a regular person with a busy life for regular people who don't have hours to spend every day on self healing.

Small Scale, Daily Healing™ is used:


  • For regular, overall health prevention and maintenance.

  • To target specific challenges — whether they are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.


By practicing Small Scale, Daily Healing™ strategies on a daily basis, you:


  • Help to prevent and to remove the small stresses that can accumulate every day;

  • Help to remove stresses and blocks that you acquired in the past;

  • Strengthen your connection with your body and your person; and,

  • Grow a little bit as a person every day.

Small Scale, Daily Healing's three self-directed healing strategies are:


  • A 4-Step Process for Personal Growth
  • Build a Strong Relationship with your BFF – Body Friend Forever
  • Practice Visualizations


For more information, go to the Small Scale, Daily Healing™ website.


Small Scale, Daily Healing

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