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Practical Products to Make Every Moment a Healing Moment

Open Your Heart T-Shirt

Opening Your Heart is the most powerful action you can take -- especially in the darkest moments! Open Your Heart every day, many times a day to change your life for the better in every way.


Green is in the middle of the colour spectrum and your heart is in the middle of your body. This open, green circle sits right on your heart as a constant reminder to yourself and to the people around you to Open Your Heart. 


100% Organic Cotton - Made in the U.S. in a union shop. 


Black t-shirt and Women's sizes only for the moment.

Small, Medium, Large: Sizes are a bit smaller than usual (photo on the right is a small). DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER since they will shrink.


For Youth: The small could fit a youth. 

For Men: I will be ordering more in the future, including men's sizes, so let me know if you are interested.

Your life is busy. It’s hard to remember to integrate healing techniques into your busy schedule. 


That’s why I developed practical products to help you to heal in the moment, when you need it.


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Small Scale, Daily Healing eBook

Small Scale, Daily Healing

Integrating Quick and Easy, Self-Directed Healing Tools into Your Busy, Daily Routine

Volume 1: Introductory Techniques

New e-book outlines Small Scale, Daily Healing's three self-directed healing strategies, supported by ten introductory visualizations, illustrated step-by-step, and background information.


Create quick and easy, daily, healing habits. Many quick moments of daily healing and personal growth that add up to big change over time.


Click here for more information.

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Set of 10 Portable Healing Cards

This set of small, portable healing cards allows you to bring 10 of our quickest, easiest techniques with you wherever you go.


They make it easy to remember to practice our quick healing techniques during your daily routine.

These convenient healing cards are the same size as a business card and are printed on card stock for durability. Put them in your pocket, your bag, your purse, a drawer at work, around the house -- wherever you might need them.


Set comes in a satin bag and contains:

  • 10 business-card size cards, each with one technique
  • A 4-page booklet that describes Small Scale, Daily Healing and that provides tips for using the cards


Bags come in many beautiful colours. We will do our best to send you the colour you would like but we cannot guarantee it (but do ask us!). 


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